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The real story behind your hair extensions and wigs.

When purchasing wigs or hair extensions, consumers should know the real facts about the hair they will likely be wearing.

I will walk you through the actual hair raw material progress step by step:

1. The image below shows a hairbrush with hair that has fallen off and is still on the brush.

hairbrush with hair that has fallen off

The falling hair from the brush is collected by women all over India, and once a month someone comes to collect it and pays them by the grams.

2. Vendors who collect this falling hair sell it to suppliers of hair raw materials.they refer to it as hair balls, see image below.

Raw human hair balls

Those suppliers of hair raw materials take these hair balls, manually open each one with the aid of hackles, and then divide them into lengths.

3. The hair they obtained during the hair ball process is shown in the image below.

Non remy hair bundles

This hair was then sold to a manufacturer who would use it to create wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions.

How will using this hair affect the outcome?

This hair is actually a blend of numerous hair types with various textures, and the most notable is that it is already upside-down. As a result, in order to produce any hair products from it, the cuticle must be removed using a strong chemical process. Wigs or hair extensions can then be made from the resulting material after bleaching and coloring.

What will the consumers actually receive then?

I like to refer to it as a piece of fabric because it lacks the body, feel, and longevity of real hair. It also doesn't have the appearance of real hair. They used a ton of silicones to make it feel soft and smooth, but once these wash off, you won't be able to comb it at all.

The image below demonstrates what a genuine human hair braid should look like.

European hair braids

This human hair braids is significantly more expensive and requires a much more delicate process to produce natural hair that can be used on wigs or hair extensions.

What do we learn from this?

If your health is important to you and you don't want to use hair extensions with chemicals that will eventually wash out slowly with each shampoo wash and enter your body, avoid using them. Choose the right company if you want your hair extension or wig to have the softness and smoothness that comes from a delicate process. You'll probably pay more for it, and there aren't many companies that provide it, but it'll be worth it in the long run because it will last much longer and stay in good condition.

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