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  • What does MOQ means?
    MOQ stands for minimum order quantity and refers to the smallest amount that can be ordered from a supplier.
  • Can you quote me a price by email?
    Firstly we can only provide a price quote once we have you confirm our hair sample or we analyze your hair sample. If you do not have a spec for the hair product you like to produce we can assist you, But we won’t be able to give you a price quote until the production sample is finalized. If you are familiar with production and have a professional specification we can give you a rough price idea, But this is not the initial price until the production sample is finalized.
  • Do you source human hair material for your customers?
    We regularly source human hair material for our clients. Typically, we collect hair from Siberia, Russia, Mongolia, and other Asian countries.
  • Its my first hair extensions private label! Can you work with me?
    Yes! We love working with new entrepreneurs, And can help turn your dream into a reality by creating an outstanding private label for you. However, We must ensure that you can meet our minimum order quantity. Furthermore, Due to the limited capacity of our factory, We only accept a limited number of clients each year.
  • What is your factory hair production capacity?
    – Hair Extensions production capacity 4-5 Tons/Month – Hair Pieces & Wigs production capacity 3500-5000 Pieces/Month
  • What kind of human hair products do you manufacture?
    Hair Creations only produces high-quality human hair products. We have a well-established team that manufactures hair extensions, wigs, and hair pieces to our clients specifications. We also have the expertise to source and design according to our customer’s vision.
  • What is the difference between your process to other hair factories in china?
    First and foremost, We are the only fully owned foreign hair manufacturer in china, And our approach to hair is completely different. When you visit Chinese factories or watch videos of them online, you will notice that they basically treat hair as textiles... To achieve the desired color they use toxic chemicals to remove the cuticle, Then bleach the hair with textile powders and cook it on the gas with textile dyes. The hair is then coated with silicone to make it look beautiful, But once the silicone is washed out, you are left with a piece of fabric rather than human hair. We collect human hair raw material through our own channel and select it one by one. We then use a very gentle process while soaking the hair for up to 30 days in order to achieve the desired shade. We almost never dye the hair... Instead, we simply feed it with a pigment to achieve the desired color.
  • Do you produce "Remy Human Hair Extensions"?
    First and foremost, We only work with natural human hair ponytails from a single donar - They all call it "Remy hair" because the cuticle still intact. For us, its simply our standard and sole quality of human hair that we provide and use for many years. with this things been said we never see any factory in china that are capable of producing human hair extensions and wigs with cuticle.
  • How do you process the hair to achieve these natural results?
    After carefully selecting the raw material, we soak it in a bath with a natural PH and an enzyme that we developed to remove the dark pigment - this process can take up to 30 days depending on the desired color. The following step is to feed the hair with the appropriate pigment in a cold process while using the natural pigment of the hair to create the color, Resulting in the most natural and beautiful human hair extensions.

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